Regional Passport Office Chandigarh

Regional Passport Office Chandigarh

About Us :

The regional passport office Chandigarh provides passport services to the residents of Madhya Pradesh. It was established in 1978. working under the Ministry of External Affairs, Chandigarh passport office is supervised by Joint Secretary (CPV). The Joint Secretary is designated as the Chief Passport Officer, Government of India, New Delhi. The passport office Chandigarh is located at Gangotri Complex, T.T. Nagar, Chandigarh. Chandigarh passport office has shown commitment and sincerity in serving the residents of Madhya Pradesh.

How To Apply :

A Madhya Pradesh resident can apply for passport online or submit the form at the passport office Chandigarh. The online registration can be done on the website of regional passport office Chandigarh -

Some of the instructions that need to be complied while filling the form are-

To fill the form, following instructions should be followed-

  • Use only capital letters
  • Use only blue or black pen
  • Pencils and inks pens are not allowed
  • Leave a space of one box between words
  • Write clearly, and don’t touch the lines of the boundary
  • Nothing should be written out of box
  • Incomplete information will lead to rejection

After filling in the form, the form should be submitted to the Chandigarh passport office. Even if the registration is done online, the print out of the form still needs to be submitted to the passport office Chandigarh. Applications can be send to regional passport office Chandigarh on one of the following ways

  • Submitting the application at the passport office counter
  • Using the Speed Post  facility to send the post
  • District Passport Cells also accept passport submissions
  • Submitting at the Passport Collection Centers

Check List :

The passport application should be checked for missing or incomplete information before it is sent to regional passport office Chandigarh. Depending upon the type of passport application, the checklists have been mentioned against their respective categories.

For a fresh passport: These points should be checked before submitting the application at Chandigarh passport office:

  • Address proof is present
  • Proof of Date of Birth is available
  • Citizenship Document should be available in case applicant is a citizen of India by Naturalization or Registration.
  • “Identity Certificate” needs to be present in case an applicant is an employee of Public Sector /Government/Statutory body.
  • An applicant should provide an attested copy of supporting document if applying under the category “ECNR”.
  • In case the applicant has been deported to India, Emergency Certificate/Passport needs to be submitted.

A complete check list is available at “”.

Reissue of a passport after 10 years – The website of regional passport office Chandigarh should be checked to get the complete check list under this category. The website address is “”.

Applying for a minor’s passport attach - The website of regional passport office Chandigarh should be checked to get the complete check list under this category. The website address is “”.

Fee Structure :

The application fee as well as any other fess has to be given in full.  It can be paid either by cash or by Bank Draft. If Bank Draft is being issued, it should be made payable to the concerned Passport Officer at the Chandigarh passport office. DD can also be send to the passport office Chandigarh. In case DD is sent, application number and applicant should be mentioned on the back of the draft.  The Demand Draft Number, The Bank Code of Issuing Bank, and issue date of the Demand Draft should also be mentioned. The fee details are as below.

  •  Fess is Rs. 1000/- for a new passport of 10 years validity. The passport will have 36 pages. For minors (15 to 18 years), same fess will be charged.
  • Fess is Rs. 1500/- for a fresh passport of 36 pages.
  •  Fess is Rs. 600/- for a new passport for minors. The passport validity is for five years or till the minors attain the age of 18 years, whichever is first.
  • Fess is Rs. 2500/- for a duplicate passport of 36 pages.
  • Fess is Rs. 3000/- for a duplicated passport of 60 pages.
  • Fess is Rs. 300/- for Additional Endorsements/ ECNR / Police Clearance Certificate

Fess is Rs. 1000/- in case a new passport has to be issued to accommodate changed in personal details like Name, Address, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Spouse Name, Appearance, Legal Guardian /Name of Parents.


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