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Easy status tracing of your passport in Chandigarh

A passport is everybody’s requirement and therefore all of us apply for the same. This is a mandatory travel document for all overseas travel and also an important document that can serve as an id or address proof and this is precisely why everyone tries to have a passport. Once the request is submitted, there is an effective way of online passport tracking in Chandigarh and this will help the citizens to know when they can receive their passport. Based on this information, they can make themselves available at their homes to receive their passport. Since most of them are working and away from their homes, this will help them make necessary arrangements to get this collected.

Passport tracking has some prerequisites and people have to take care of this. Once the individuals print it out from the internet site of the government and get it submitted they will get some details.  These details are unique to each and every application and therefore, these become the key to the status of the application when the people try to do online passport tracking in Chandigarh.

When the citizens log in back to check the status, they are faced with three options. They have to choose one of these options to proceed further. These three options will define what the applicants want to check. They can either choose to check out their application status, RTI status or that of the official application. They have to click this and then give the respective file number. This can be found from the receipt that has been given at the time of passport application submission.  Therefore, the applicants have to keep this number carefully as they will need this to retrieve their status. This is essential to be keyed in and without this number they will not be able to do the online tracking.

The other mandatory check that is given here is that the applicant has to key in their date of birth.  The file number and date of birth is the unique combination of the applicants and therefore they are required to key in these details. After entering these details, the applicants who want to do online passport tracking in Chandigarh need to click on the track button. This will give out the exact and precise information about the passport status and they will benefit out of it.


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